Thursday, September 29, 2011

Table Update Again!

Just a quickie post because I need to get to the torch and start crackin'

I've moved some of the trays around. I'm starting to fill up a section for pixie dust discs. I've got my new full spectrum lights for a more accurate viewing of colors. On the right side I have one bowl for orphans and wonkies that will probably be priced a dollar each. I also have an empty bowl that will be filled with delicious candies. Who doesn't love candy?

What you can't see is the risers I purchased which will raise the table by about 8 inches. I also am awaiting shipment of my two white tablecloths and a pretty piece of red and black scroll fabric in this pattern.
I love this pattern and I'm kinda bummed that it's a discontinued pattern. I could only get a yard and a half of it, but it's just enough to add a splash of color and design to my table without outshining my beads.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to have time to order my banner and more business cards. month left. I still have a lot of beads to be making.

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