Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Bead Show is Coming up

I've always been nervous and indecisive about doing a show. I'm a very shy person by nature, so the thought of doing a show has been a bit nerve wracking. But, I finally took the plunge and I am signed up for the Innovative Bead Expo in Rochester. It will be held in the Henrietta Double Tree Hotel on October 29th and 30th. If you're local I'd love to see you there. Click the link above for a dollar off admission.

Getting ready for the show is going to be my excuse for not updating in more than a month. :)


  1. You'll be great at the show!! I love doing shows. I smile, ask how they are enjoying the show, try not to hover and talk to much. Have water, breath mints and lip balm handy. I LOVE the lighted display. If I weren't doing several shows this fall I would trade you a lighted fixture for a table covering. Try buying 2 table clothes- one the next size up from the table you have and then the largest one that matches. Using duct tape, tape the larger one so that the front is covered, wrap the edges of the table--sorta like wrapping a present, then tape the edges down. Place the smaller cover on-top so that you have enough access to the back of your table but things are covered. I like a long oval as my top covering to I get a little contrast at the front. Good Luck!!


  2. I didn't notice this comment until today! Ack
    Today was the first day of the show and I had a lot of fun. I ended up doing what you suggested with the table cloths and it worked great.

    I'd love to see any pictures of your table if you have some. I've kinda become addicted to looking at people's setups.