Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's this weekend! Woohoo!

So, I've been frantically trying to get ready for this bead show at the end of October. I can finally say that if I had to go set up right now and start selling in a few hours, I would probably be ok. I still have a lot I want to do this week to get ready. I'm bursting with new ideas that I want to bring to the show, but there's only so much time in a day.

I'll be bringing lots of sparkle scroll beads. I love making these! They're icy and sparkly with metallic bling. They'd be great for a cool winter piece, but I've also got some warmer pinks and purples for Spring.

I've got my big focal display which is just about full. I have a few beads waiting to be flat lapped. This display is actually kinda tall, so you'll probably see me from across the room :)
I know this is a bead show, but I've got a couple simple pendants on sterling silver chains to show what you can do with faceted beads. I don't expect them to sell, but I like to help customers visualize what a finished piece might look like.
Lastly, here's an overhead shot.

So, I've still got a few trays to fill up, some lapidary work to do, a little bit of pricing left, pictures to print, and packing materials to ready. I think that might be it though.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Table Update for October 8th

I took these pictures on October 8th on my kitchen table. I added them to facebook, but I completely forgot to go into some detail here.

Tada! It was kind of a pain to move everything from the floor of my spare bedroom to the kitchen table while avoiding underfoot kitties, but it was very uplifting to see what everything looks like. Before doing this, I was getting a little bummed out and overwhelmed. This was a great pick me up.

I absolutely love the design on my table runner. I was originally trying to get the same design in red, but for some reason the pattern was discontinued. I bought the little red scrap you can see in the picture because I misread the measurements. I thought it was 1.5 yards, but it was actually 1.5 feet. Doh!

It's ok thought, I found the black and white that is not discontinued and I bought plenty of it. I'll use the red to line my guest book or something for a splash of color.

I'm very happy with the lighting I purchased from walmart. The lamps are knockoff Ott lamps, but they were 21 dollars. I couldn't stomach 90 dollars for an Ott lamp even if they're amazing. The lamps give off a nice white light and have a modern look to them that goes with my table.

I've also since received my banner. Yay! It turned out really nice even thought it's still a little stuck in the rolled shape. I want to hang it up in my house when I'm done with the show :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Testing from my new smartphone

Just plugging away at labeling sets and getting them ready for display.