Friday, July 22, 2011


So since my last post, I've been trying to make a little time for myself to just play at the torch. It's a bit challenging sometimes because the mentality of "time is money" creeps up on me. Anyways, I've been practicing my marbles!

Here's my first one

Not too shabby. I didn't really understand the concept of "punty." So when it came time to separate my marble from the glass rod, I kinda just melted it off and left a little hat on my marble. I did my best to melt it in, but it definitely has a bit of a cone head end. You just can't tell from this picture very well. I also didn't completely melt in my stringer, but it's my first one, so I'll forgive myself.

Here's my second one. Looks a little rounder and everything is melted in better to add to the roundness. I looked up how to punty and actually did it right. You can see by that punty mark on the right side glaring a you. When I was making the marble, I had forgotten that the silver from the scrolls would fume the ivory. The punty mark was covered by the ivory rod, so it didn't get any fuming. I didn't really bother to melt it all the way, but I learned a lot with this marble.

Third attempt shattered. Boo!

And here's my fourth and best one so far. It's quite round, the design flows nicely and you can't see the punty mark. Hooray!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freshly listed goodies

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and the holiday weekend. I've got a couple new scrollwork beads to show off before I head downstairs to the torch.

I have a silver lined bead for european charm bracelets. This one has sparkling pixiedust encased in transparent blue. I added scrollwork in silver metallic left raised on the surface.
I've been thinking icy thoughts lately in the summer heat. These handmade lampwork glass beads have a base of pale emerald green glass covered in shimmering pearl pixiedust. Each one has been embellished with raised metallic scrolls.

This handmade lampwork glass bead has a base of ivory glass covered in raised metallic scrolls. I have also added a jewel of opal looking luster glass circled with the same metallic glass.

Just thought I'd share quick. Hope you all enjoy the summer!