Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freshly listed goodies

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and the holiday weekend. I've got a couple new scrollwork beads to show off before I head downstairs to the torch.

I have a silver lined bead for european charm bracelets. This one has sparkling pixiedust encased in transparent blue. I added scrollwork in silver metallic left raised on the surface.
I've been thinking icy thoughts lately in the summer heat. These handmade lampwork glass beads have a base of pale emerald green glass covered in shimmering pearl pixiedust. Each one has been embellished with raised metallic scrolls.

This handmade lampwork glass bead has a base of ivory glass covered in raised metallic scrolls. I have also added a jewel of opal looking luster glass circled with the same metallic glass.

Just thought I'd share quick. Hope you all enjoy the summer!

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