Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gold Fuming!

A few weeks ago, I finally broke down and shelled out 60 bucks to buy the smallest amount of 22k gold I could. After a week and a half it finally arrived. I was so excited! I knew I didn't purchase that much, but there was a decent sized box stuffed in my mailbox. I raced up the stairs with my package and tore it open. I fumbled through the packaging materials and the bill to find a tiny little two inch piece of gold. I looked again at the bill.......Ouch!
I knew in my head how much a pennyweight of gold was, but seeing it in my hand next to the bill was a little painful. It took me a while to gather the courage to use that gold, but I finally did, and I'm very happy with my results :)

Can you believe that base color on these beads is simply clear?

These ones have a base of black with red scrollwork. They make me think of chocolate. Maybe I'm just having a craving.
For those of you lampworkers who have the proper ventilation, you should give this a try. I know I balked at the price of gold, but a little goes a long way. Try it!

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