Saturday, July 25, 2009

Awaiting my new glass!

I just sent a decent sized order for more glass last night. I get way too excited. I'm already about to go downstairs and check the mail even though I only sent the order about 9 hours ago. It should be here now right? I ordered a few moretti staples (white, black etc), some new CIM colors, and lots of rods of silver glass.
I am in love with silver glass lately. There are so many things you can do with it! I love just making reactive silver scrolls over any pretty color. It's just the right amount of bling to me. Or you can be extravagant and make a base bead with silver glass and layers of clear to magnify the beauty of the glass and cover it with whatever decorations you want!
Have I mentioned that I'm loving silver glass?
I'm eagerly awaiting this new glass that was released on Thursday called Ekho. I've never actually purchased a glass right when it was released. I'm usually way behind on things. I'll definitely be showing off my new experiments. Just waiting for the stuff to arrive. I wish there was free overnight shipping on everything I buy just because I'm awesome. Oh well.

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