Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back at it Again

Well, if you're still with me, then you are probably aware that I am an erratic blogger at best. But, here I am!

What's new since last time I posted, you might ask? Let's start with my newest style of bead

Blinging dichroic and a pink kitty cat with a crown and cubic zirconia collar. The cat is actually "drawn" in the flame with hairthin pieces of stringer freehand. Her tabby drawings are made with silvered ivory. The entire bead is about the width of my palm and is more intended as a collector piece, though it's not too heavy to make a necklace with it. They do take me a few hours for each bead and I end up using my most expensive glass in them. They really are a labor of love and a stretch of my abilities as a glass artist.

Why have I started making these?

Well, they make me happy and they bring a smile to people's faces. I think the world could use more of that lately.

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