Thursday, August 1, 2013

ISGB Gathering Thursday

Thursday was a quieter day for me. I skipped the tour of the local bead shops since I live locally anyways. It would have been fun, but I figure I should take a little bit of a break while I could.

I started my day after lunch with a class about teaching. I've been getting more and more requests to teach, so the timing of this class was perfect. It was very interesting and a little humbling. I have a few ideas on where to start now.

I went to the first timers meeting as well. I know I went to the Gathering in 2010, but I only had the time and money to go to one day. It was a fascinating day, but I really felt like I missed out on a lot years ago. I really wanted to absorb every speck of information and take every opportunity I could. Honestly, I probably fried my brain a bit.

I was able to meet several people from the Lampworketc forums before leaving for the Arc and Flame Center for the opening reception. We all piled on the buses and off we went. I've never been to a Gathering opening reception before, but it was fantastic. The Arc and Flame Center had demonstrations of welding, blacksmithing and lampworking. I suppose it's a rather odd combination of activities, but it was wonderful to see some different stuff.
I need one of these! Didn't have the cash on me at the time.

They also had the Presidential Collection of lampwork beads on display. I took a few pictures, but there was such a crowd, I didn't get pictures of everything

I know this sounds like a silly thing to be excited for, but there was so much desert available! The location of the Gathering this year doesn't really have a lot of options for food. The Hyatt served food, but I have a hard time spending that much money for alright food. I wanted to go to Dinosaur BBQ, but there was always a wait and I didn't want to miss any activities. I really stuffed my belly with cannolis, watermelon, veggies and hummus. I guess it's just the little things sometimes.

They also set up gaming tables for blackjack. You received gaming chips by donating to Beads of Courage. I was so bummed that I left my Beads of Courage at home. I really wanted to play. The beads will still get donated, but it would have been fun to play with other lampworkers.

That was day two of the ISGB Gathering in Rochester 2013. I slept so well that night.

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