Thursday, February 16, 2012

Updated Studio Tour

I was screwing around doing important work on pinterest the other day and making a board of creative spaces when I noticed that my own studio tour was in need of an update. It's been two years and since then I've gotten a new torch, work surface and tool chest, so I thought I'd take a few new pictures.

First off, I got a creation station. 

I've heard rave reviews from a lot of people about it and how it helped their stringer control. I was pretty happy with my stringer control to begin with and I didn't notice a change when I installed it, but it does make my marathon torching sessions so much easier. Before, I was getting a lot of fatigue in my wrists after the first few hours and I always managed to put my elbows down in pieces of sharp glass. This helps me tremendously with that.

It also makes me feel like I'm riding a sweet motorcycle.

I've also upgraded my torch. I LOVE my torch. I've been using it for over a year now, but it's still my baby. It's a scorpion by GTT. I love that I can use the outer flame to get a lot of heat for larger beads and then crank it down to a pinpoint flame for stringer work.

She's beautiful!

I also got a tool chest.

 Before I got the tool chest, I just piled everything on my right side. My frits and other jars of goodies were on a Lazy Susan to my left. It was pretty hard to find what I needed. Then the pile of tools got a little out of hand.

But now I have this fancy red tool chest that I wheel next to me when I'm working. I've got a drawer full of molds and bead rollers. I've got another for all my jars of frit and pixiedust and another for my tools. I still end up with a lot of stuff on my workstation because I'm a slob my muse needs a bit of creative chaos to function.

Here's the old studio setup.  I only really showed the major changes. Everything else is still about the same.

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